Design influences emotional perception of the target group and it can therefore influence its decision-making process. In the CHRISTO DESIGN atelier, we offer a portfolio of designer services depending on the corporate identity of every client..

We create designs of:

    • Logotypes and manuals
    • Web pages
    • Campaigns
    • Company prints (leaflets, catalogues, brochures, annual reports, advertisement, mercantile, and periodical prints)
    • POS materials (wobbler, stopper, banner, palette wrap, display, roll-up, displays – floor and counter, gift and sale wraps, counter displays)
    • Print and audio visual materials
    • Internet banners
    • Interior design
    • Design of exhibition expositions and products
    • Branding

Offer of the CHRISTO DESIGN atelier also includes:

  • Translation services is any language
  • Typographically different world languages (Chinese, Japan, Persian, Arabic, etc.)
  • Professional language and stylistic proofreading
  • Creation of visual concepts and maquettes

The complete production in the CHRISTO DESIGN atelier is realized in a graphical, creative, and pre-press studio with its own photo bank, with more than 150,000 pictorial models.

During the implementation of orders we carry out the so called 3-phase inspection, which leads to long-term flawless production with high efficiency and virtually zero error rate.


In our graphic designs, we take into account and optimize the visual so that it is easy to implement. When processing the data, we respect European, Japanese and U.S. colour calibration standards.

Throughout the whole production process, we use modern technologies, which produce better results and guarantee the quality of both the materials and their processing.