Media represent means of communication. They create promotion message and PR. An important role for the field of promotion is played by TV, radio, press, internet, and others media. Due to their technical nature, the media are able to transmit various information in the mass range.

CHRISTO MEDIA atelier will prepare such communication strategy, which will approach your target customers through selected communication channels.

We will create for you:

  • Media plans
  • Electronic and medial presentation
  • Content Management Systems
  • Webhosting on any platform
  • Layout of ads, spots, or billboards
  • Flash banners
  • Outdoor and audio-visual campaign
  • Events, shows

We offer media plans to our client also in the form of an online system in the secure environment, for effective management and control. It is a precisely defined workflow.

We create media plans based on defined strategic targets and the budget of the client.