The CHRISTO FILM atelier is equipped with professionally fitted studios with the possibility of audio-visual post production, where materials for projects are created.

The atelier is fit for the creation of the following types of works:

  • Advertisement
  • Presentation
  • Reference
  • Instructional
  • Documentary
  • Animated
  • Original

Based on the requirement of the client:

  • We will prepare an approximate budget
  • We will prepare a scenario
  • We will inspect the location, scenography
  • Production and postproduction
  • TV and advertisement spots
  • Booklets of audio-visual media with their consequent production and completion

Processing of the project (cut, 2D/3D graphic works, and audio) is realized in modern cutting rooms in professional standards and any possible data update is very fast. We are able to process spoken word in any language mutation.

Thanks to our mobile equipment, we can carry out processing of the projects anywhere in the field. Our studios have high quality facilities.

We can save the final version of the project on any type of data media.

We always adapt the choice to the output format and the budget. Thanks to many years of experience we always work we always work with the best equipment of the highest quality.

Processing of the acquired visual and audio material is performed on professional devices that optimize production costs.